Residency status

In many European countries buying property doesn’t automatically give you the right to get a residence permit or the so called «temporary registration». Italy is one of them and when buying a house or a flat in Italy you have to remember about this important restriction.

Property owners can only be given a special Schengen visa with multiple entrances (annually extended). It gives the owner the right to stay in Schengen countries for no longer than 90 days in half a year, but it won’t guarantee a residence permit or, with time, citizenship.

Buying property is not enough to get a residence permit.

If you really need it and 90 days in half a year is not enough for you, you can choose one the following options; each of them has its own special features:

You can register your own company in Italy, which means spending more money. It’s a good option if you really want to do it, but bogus companies won’t work as you will have to provide a tax declaration.

You can get enrolled into one of the Italian universities and, if truth be told, you can study there forever. There is a disadvantage – every year, to extend your residence permit automatically, you have to pass at least two exams. So when you finish your studies you lose you residence permit. However, by then you can find a good job, get married…well, manage somehow.

You can get a permanent job with a termless contact. It’s extremelydifficult but not altogether impossible.

You can marry a citizen of Italy.