Legal Service

At the moment, legal advice is the main profile of our company.

Due to the increased interest in this service, we have started consulting clients all over Italy and, if necessary, provide consultations remotely.

Requests for advice as a kind of «defender of interests» from the outside, who is neutral in matters of purchase and gives an independent opinion on the transaction being made, additionally still checking and acting solely in the interests of the buyer, have become more frequent.

In addition, the purchase of any real estate often turns into a multi-faceted consultation on many related legal issues. Such as a will, different fiscal residence from residence, to whom it is better to purchase property, etc. Family law, tax law, public, immigration, constitutional, European, international — they are all closely intertwined in this field and are in constant interaction. There are no clear borders, especially when it comes to foreign citizens.

Therefore, there are always a lot of questions, both before and after the purchase of real estate.

Our Agency differs from others in its legal bias and serious approach to business.

We check the purchase offer BEFORE it is signed by the seller and ask the notary to check EVERYTHING before submitting the offer to the official form, that is, BEFORE it enters into force.

Before opening her Agency, the owner of the company graduated from the Italian University in Rome with a degree in international law and, with the exception of criminal law, all other rights were passed and studied. This was followed by many years of practice as an assistant lawyer.

Based on our practice, here is just a small list of the most frequently asked questions:

• How do I get permanent residence and what do I need to do?
• Do I need to make a will in Italy after purchase?
• Is it possible to register real estate for minor children?
• What is a hammer purchase and are there any risks?
• What is the difference between a fiscal (tax) residence and a «chosen residence»? How can they be legally and officially separated? (that is, pay taxes in Russia, and live on documents in Italy)
• Do I need to open a Bank account if I already have an account in another Schengen/EU/Russian country?
• What is the difference between Schengen and the European Union?
• At the Italian Embassy of which country should I request a fiscal code if I have dual citizenship?
• Can I buy a car without being a resident?

• How do I bring and leave a car with foreign license plates?
• Do your driving license apply in Italy if you become a permanent resident?

• How do I get an Italian license?
• How to pay the tax rate to the state at the minimum (when registering a purchase and sale), provided that a residence permit is issued in the future?
• How do I register a new owner with AMA (garbage collection)?
• What should I do if I received a fine for «not registering» in the AMA?
• What is a “rent to buy » contract?
What is the maximum installment you can get from the buyer without resorting to a mortgage?
• Can I get a Mortgage?
• Is it possible to purchase real estate by proxy and is it possible to issue such a power of attorney in Russia?
• Can I transfer money directly from Russian accounts to the seller’s account?
• Can I transfer money directly from Russian accounts to a notary’s account?
• Can I transfer money directly from a Russian account to a construction company’s account when buying an apartment in a building under construction?
• Does the purchase of real estate give you the right to freely stay and live permanently in Italy?
• Does the cost of the purchased property affect getting permanent residence?
• Be sure to transfer the contract of purchase and sale on the Russian language?
• Are there restrictions on buying real estate for foreign citizens?
• Who is the primary relative under Italian law and how does Italian law protect them when selling real estate?
• What to do if the property is registered only for one of the spouses?

Write to us. We will be happy to help you!