The most important thing you have to do before making a request for property in Italy is to decide what you want the most – mountains, lakes, the sea, the vast expanses of Tuscany, full relaxation in thermal springs, romantic Venice or eternal Rome, a wine-tasting tour around the castles, unlimited shopping in factory outlets and so on. As you understand, we can go on like this forever. It just makes you dizzy, doesn’t it? How does it all fit into such a small country as Italy?

It just happens that every region of Italy is unique! In each and every one you will find something special that other regions don’t have, something you can find only there. You can have a great time in any region, so there’s no such thing as the “best” place. There is a great choice to fit every taste and budget.

In the global culture this situation is unique and can be explained by the history of Italy, which celebrated 150 years of its unification not so long ago. Just think about it, 150 years! You will ask: «So what was before that?» Before that Italy was divided into many mini-countries, sometimes they fought each other, carefully observed by the Pope. That’s why every region has something to see, every region has its own unique cities that used to be capitals of competing countries.

That’s why every region developed a little bit differently; all of them had their own customs and traditions up to different tastes in food. If you travel from one region to another, from one sea to the other, you will be amazed not only by the differences in landscape, scenery, architecture, but also by those in accent and tradition, we won’t even mention those in food and wine. It no secret for anyone that the best pizza is from Naples, the best mozzarella – from Campania, the best wine – from Tuscany,spaghetti carbonara is a specialty in Rome. Everywhere has something special and they are very proud of it.

So don’t be surprised if you ask any Italian a trivial question: «Where are you from?» and hear something like «I’m from Calabria» or «I’m from Tuscany.» If you ask «What’s your nationality?» they will proudly reply «I’m a pure Neapolitan!» or «I’m a hereditary Roman!» sounds a bit funny, but don’t you laugh at this when the Italians are around. That’s their blood. Even the European Union activists felt discouraged as all their efforts gave little result and all the investments in European integration didn’t reach the desired effect. However, how can you ask Italians to see themselves as European citizens if they don’t even see themselves as citizens of Italy?