About us

We are absolutely sure that any successful partnership begins with presentation. So this is what we shall start with. My name is Sofia Valyavskaya. On this website you see the result of long-term work. We can proudly declare that our company is a family business, which is extremely rare in our times.

Saint-Petersburg is my native city. I got my first university degree there – I graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University, Faculty of Journalism. When I moved to Rome I decided to do something different and graduated from La Sapienza, the Public Relations Faculty; here it’s almost a law Faculty. Then I worked as a lawyer’s assistant for quite a while. I created a broad network of good attorneys, lawyers and notaries. I also learned to pay attention to small details in contracts. Information from experienced notaries is extremely valuable in Italy, especially if it concerns purchase of property as legal «cleanliness» of the deal mostly depends on notary’s honesty.

My husband, Fausto Carbone, works with completely different things. He graduated from La Sapienza, the Economic Faculty and deals with everything connected to taxes (calculation and payment), annual return submission, company registration and all other issues connected with taxes. In Italy this profession is called commercialista, in Russia it is something in between an experienced accountant and tax auditor. For five years he’s been an enforcement agent at the Roman Court of Common Pleas, by the judge’s order he deals with placing lots on the auction; after the property is sold he distributes the money between the creditors.

Judging on our experience, we offer our clients a wide range of services and a high level of performance. At your desire, we will not only choose the property that would suit your tastes, but will also deal with all the accompanying legal and economic aspects of the deal throughout and after the operation. You will find more than just interpreters or representatives of Russian companies in Italy. We are highly qualified specialists that have a thorough understanding of all legal procedures and taxation issues you can face on the Italian property market.

We are fully capable of analyzing the market and professionally advocate your personal interests (AND ONLY YOURS!!!) in any official organizations.

Our office is in the centre of Rome, the address is Via Piave, 41. If you have any questions, you can call us using the phone numbers listed below or use our form “leave a request”.